Falls Creek

As summer quickly approaches, we are excited about the opportunity to take our students back to Falls Creek June 17-21. Over the past  three years, we have baptized 65 students as a part of our camp celebration of the Lord’s work in our student hearts! Already within a week of our Falls Creek Launch Party, over 100 students have registered to be a part of this summer’s upcoming experience.

Church family, you have always graciously ensured every student can join us despite financial circumstances. Thank you for always supporting our students and being a part of what the Lord is doing here at South Tulsa Student Ministry.

This year’s theme involves the word “Totally.” In a world where many things are fleeting, unreliable, and uncertain, and where many things are temporary, God is totally different. Each day, we will focus on a Biblical truth: God is Totally Knowing – God knows every part of our lives; God is Totally Present – God is ever present and in control; God is Totally Caring – God made us and is intricately involved in our lives; God is Totally Capable – God can lead us and handle anything we are walking through. Our theme verse comes from Psalm 139:17 – “How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!”  

 I ask you to join our staff, sponsors, and students as we pray to ask God to do His Total work in our lives this summer. If you would be interested in supporting our students going to Falls Creek, please choose the “Other” option in our giving drop-down and write Falls Creek. A gift of $200 sends a student to this year’s Falls Creek camp.  

You can register for Falls Creek by visiting our church’s website here southtulsa.org/fallscreek24. Please complete all 4 steps. 




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