Comparisons and Patience

By Manon Mowery, Student Ministry Summer Intern

During this summer I have had the privilege of starting a middle school girl’s Bible study here at South Tulsa. We have had one meeting so far and the text in the Bible that we are looking at is found in Genesis 29-30, as it talks about Jacob’s marriage to Leah and Rachel and the children they have.

The main theme that we are examining in the text is comparison. Comparison can be found in all of our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not, and the story of Leah and Rachel is riddled with comparison between the two sisters that we can study to see what we can learn from them.

One big wedge in their relationship is the fact that Leah keeps having sons, while Rachel stays barren, leading her to feel unfavored by Jacob. Taking matters into her own hands, Rachel sends her servant to Jacob in hopes of gaining a son in that way, similar to Sarah’s actions in Genesis 16. Both instances involved impatience and a lack of trust in God’s timing.

God has a plan and time for everything and one thing that I’ve learned from these chapters in Genesis is that trusting Him is essential. He knows His plan best. Our job is to simply trust Him, even though it may be difficult when we see other people succeed at our goals or feel left behind in the fast-paced cycle of life.

Rachel was eventually blessed with two sons, one of whom went on to become one of the most powerful leaders in the land. This wouldn’t have happened if the timing of his birth was off, even if it would have satisfied Rachel earlier. However, like all of us, Rachel couldn’t see the future; she couldn’t understand why waiting was important and it caused strife between her and Leah as she constantly compared her lack of a son to Leah’s fruitful brood.

I am guilty of comparing myself to other people and impatiently waiting for things in the future, but I pray to be more patient and trust God as I keep studying the story of Rachel.




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