Sharing the Good News

By Zack Hudson

I am currently privileged to work on a project for Southeastern Seminary regarding church membership. In exploring the foundations for church membership, I examined our by-laws concerning membership. Those expectations in Article 1, Section 2 state: “Members are expected to be faithful and grow in all the duties essential to the Christian life, to attend regularly the services of this Church (unless providentially hindered), to provide financial support for the Church and its causes, and to share in its spiritual undertakings, as led by the Holy Spirit.”

I would encourage all of us to evaluate where we are concerning the established expectations of a South Tulsa Baptist Church member. Today, I’d like to focus on sharing in the church’s spiritual undertakings. Have you found a place to serve? In his book, Membership Matters, Chuck Lawless writes about how relationships and responsibilities lead to strong church members. Often as we serve, we do so with other members, building relationships through serving together.

If you have not found a place to serve, I’d like to invite you to an event we will host at our church called, “Faith With Actions” on Sunday, September 10. This event will highlight areas in which you can serve the church. Visit the tables before and after each Sunday morning service at South Tulsa Baptist. Please prayerfully consider how you might join us as we carry out our mission of “Sharing the Good News about Jesus in our community and around the world.”