He is Faithful

By Karen Pirtle

This summer we followed in what we thought the Lord was asking us to do. It was a step in faith. What we learned was when we do step out in faith, He is faithful to not only sustain us, but to bless us in ways that we never even saw coming.

Many of you know we provided six weeks of ESL classes which included childcare and transportation for 35 Afghan neighbors and 82 of their children, who have not had the opportunity to learn English yet because of transportation or childcare issues.

It was said over and over again, “this isn’t possible,” and over and over again God answered and provided in ways we could not have imagined.

I asked our leaders to share how the summer affected them. Here are some responses:

“One of my biggest surprises of the summer was the blessing that our team experienced. Deep friendships were forged as we served together. New friends were discovered. Youth were discipled in cross cultural ministry. This was an aspect of the summer that I hadn’t anticipated and was so blessed by.”

“About an hour into the first day, I realized this was going to be harder than I imagined. These beautiful babies had never been away from their moms. There was a lot of crying. God met me each day and I was so blessed by the other stories; the college-aged girls who gained a heart for missions, a girl who had lost a parent feeling loved by holding babies. Knowing that when the moms thought of church, they would think of a safe and fun place. They would know they were loved.”

“I was reminded that God loves ALL people; it was such a gift to learn to love a new people group.”

“I was given the job of holding either sleeping or happy babies. I spoke truth into them, I told them about Jesus. Though they didn’t understand or won’t remember me, I am sure that one day they will hear the name of Jesus and know that they have heard that name somewhere before and that it was important.”

“It was a blessing and honor to teach the Afghan children and to have formed relationships with their families. God has built a bridge that will be well traveled.”

What more can be said? God is faithful!