Building Community

There are approximately 200,000 college students in Oklahoma. These young people bring immense potential and enthusiasm that can significantly benefit the local Church. However, a historical trend has seen the Church losing connection with this demographic after high school, only to potentially regain it when they enter the phase of marriage and parenthood.

We are actively engaging with these adults to address this challenge and tailoring our approach to meet their unique needs. We aim to create a vibrant, supportive community that fosters spiritual growth and connection through intentional discipleship, meaningful teaching, prayer, and practical support. Research has shown that when one person from the Church connects with a college-aged adult, that individual is four times as likely to remain connected to the local Church one year later! That is why we establish mentoring relationships within the Church to provide guidance, encouragement, and support for deepening faith.

We are delighted to offer weekly Bible study opportunities, Wednesday night worship and teaching, and we actively seek relationships with local campus ministries and churches in our students’ communities. We recently hosted a welcome-back gathering and an overnight retreat for the college ministry and have small group Bible studies planned for this summer. We are also excited to attend Falls Creek Collegiate Week!

We invite you to join us in our mission to support and encourage college-aged adults during this significant time in their lives!




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