Vacation Bible School is Almost Here

What are some of your memories of Vacation Bible School? Most adults can share a happy experience going to a local church during the summer or going to a grandparent’s church to enjoy Vacation Bible School. I remember making plaster of paris book ends that looked like praying hands. I painted them gold. My mother proudly displayed them in our home.

Vacation Bible School all began in 1898 when Mrs. Walker Aylett Hawes traveled to New York City with her husband who was helping in a medical ministry to children. She realized that many of the children were injured due to playing in the streets of New York. The children needed somewhere to go and something to do.

Mrs. Hawes rented a beer hall on the city’s East Side so she could take Bible study to the children. This was not for a week but for the summers of 1898 and 1899. Her pastor of Epiphany Baptist Church insisted she locate the school at the church in 1900. The church was located a mile from the East Side. After two weeks of few children attending, Mrs. Hawes found a location near the beer hall and returned to the original area. Aylett Hawes believed in taking the Good News to the people. She was willing to be creative and think outside the box.  

On Monday, June 10 through Thursday, June 13, South Tulsa Baptist will hold our Vacation Bible School. We will have over 300 children in attendance with around 150 volunteer adults and youth. Our theme this year is Breaker Rock Beach. Children will learn to recognize the difference between what the world says is true and what God says is true. Our Motto: GOD’S TRUTH NEVER CHANGES. Theme Verse: “Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God” Romans 12:2.

Please pray for all involved as we share about Jesus.




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