Last week a small group of ladies and I returned from Ghana. If you were able to attend last Sunday evening, you heard some of our story. We visited a home for girls called the Pearl House. What began as a home has exploded into a place of physical care, healing, emotional support, spiritual development, and life-changing academic/vocational opportunities. These girls are empowered to live, dream, heal and thrive like never before. After 10 years they have a home, the Pearl House, a private school with 450 students, babies–9th grade, the Pearl House Academy, and The Haven, a counseling center and residential complex for the young women when they first arrive, and to continue with counseling. The church is the second floor of the Haven where the “Pearls” worship each week.

They have purchased land and are dreaming of a high school to be built by fall of 2025 for 10–12th grade, so the girls can stay close by until graduation and college (some high schools - boarding schools – are up to 7 hours away). In addition, they have two career centers in different cities for girls age 16–24 that have had children and were not able to go to school. One of the centers teaches sewing, and the other teaches how to do hair and nails. Along with the technical classes, they learn business skills, a little math and accounting to run their own small businesses. They also receive Biblical development over the two years they are in classes. Upon graduation, these youn ladies are given tools and a little seed money to get started. They are not left alone, but are followed and mentored to encourage success for themselves and their families.

It was a blessing and encouraging to see Missions done so well! One woman said “yes” to God’s call, many denominations and people have come along side to support, and then we saw God take over!

If you would like to hear how the Pearl House began, there is a great podcast: We Are For Good - The Story of the Pearl House and the Transformational Power of Education ~ Courtney Bullard.