Jesus Did It

Recently, I attended a college ministry conference where the worship band sang a beautiful song called Jesus Did It, by Anthem Collective. This song is all about sharing the testimony of what Jesus has done in our lives, and tied in perfectly with a lot of the information that we were learning during the conference. We learned about different discipleship models, curriculums, and outreach strategies. What was at the forefront in all the breakout sessions and teachings was the importance of individuals sharing their testimonies of what Jesus had done in their lives. There was a consensus that college campuses would be transformed by students encountering Jesus and sharing that story with others. There are numerous stories of college freshmen who did not know the Lord, who are now church planters or missionaries because someone boldly shared the Gospel and their testimony.

Our college/young adult ministry has been going through the Gospel of Matthew. This week we arrived at the story of Peter boldly declaring that Jesus is the Messiah (Matthew 16:13-20). In a place where the lost gathered to worship man-made idols, one person was declaring that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of the living God. In a place of death, one person was declaring a testimony of life. Jesus tells Peter that this testimony, that Jesus is the Messiah, is the rock on which the Church will be built and the gates of Hades itself cannot overcome it.

The Kingdom of God moves through the declaration of this testimony. I had a professor who would say, “The Jesus movement moves from soul to soul, house to house, town to town.” Each of us has a different story, but our testimonies have the same foundation – Jesus Did It. The words to that song say, “He made me a new creation, old things passed now I’m brand new. Got up from the grave and He brought me with Him. Jesus did it, Jesus did it. He’s got a testimony and we’re gonna tell it.” Our streets, our neighborhoods, our community, our city, our world is changed by each child of God sharing their testimony of what Jesus has done.




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