Just Imagine

Can you imagine…
Leaving behind your home, extended family, and everything you own, and knowing you will likely never return? Arriving in a new country with only what you can carry? Trying to provide basic needs for your family in a place where you have no understanding of the language or culture? Getting your children to school or the doctor without any means of transportation? Trying to afford rent, utilities, food, and clothing for your family when the only job you are qualified for pays little more than minimum wage? Sleeping out in the open every night, no matter the weather? Not ever knowing where your next meal is coming from or how long it might be until you eat again? Facing the threat of being robbed every single day? Being able to load everything you own into a shopping cart? Being ignored or even shunned because you look, act, and smell differently?

These are just some of the circumstances faced by people we serve each day at CarePoint. Our struggling national economy, wars around the world and unprecedented numbers of asylum seekers to the U.S. are evidence to us that the needs are likely to continue to grow.

Situations such as these are not new of course. We know that even Jesus, in his humanity, faced similar circumstances. Like so many of our clients, Jesus’ family had to leave their home to live in a strange land. Jesus knew what it was like to be poor and without a home. Jesus also endured the contempt of many who did not know or understand Him.

We may not be able to imagine facing such circumstances, but there is plenty we can do to help. Throughout the Scriptures we are instructed to care for, rescue, and defend the poor; to give clothes to those who have nothing to wear and protect those who cannot protect themselves; to be kind, to share our food and open our homes to strangers.

CarePoint exists to fulfill the Lord’s commands to meet these most urgent needs of our neighbors, and in so doing, to let each one experience God’s love for themselves. Please pray with me that God will continue to bless this ministry and draw many to Himself through it.




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