Our Mission Trip to Guatemala

Last year, our Student Ministry was so blessed to be a part of the mission of Campos de Suenos and get to know the amazing group of leaders serving that ministry! Our Guatemala Mission team is excited about our upcoming Spring Break trip, March 16-22.

We have been praying since the beginning of this year over our individual mission team members using a prayer calendar created by Shiloh Wolff and Paige Mino. This year’s team consists of 39 students and adults! We have also included the leaders from Campos de Suenos in our prayer calendar. Several students are returning to Guatemala this year, but we also have several new team members that we are enthusiastic about joining our team for 2024.

Since we are arriving on Saturday evening this year, we are planning on attending Sunday morning worship services at Campos! Guatemala will also have their Easter celebrations going on while we are there with parades and elaborate street decorations.

Campos has begun to teach the students a trade consisting of sewing, baking, and woodworking. On Tuesday, we will divide up our team and help with the new classroom instruction. Our team will also help to host teenagers on Tuesday night for their student worship service. We will be a part of the feeding program on Wednesday and our team will host a community carnival on Wednesday evening.

We ask our church to join us in praying for God to use us to be an encouragement to the Campos leadership team!

There are a few students in need of financial support to help them get to Guatemala. On Sunday, February 25, we will be hosting a Spaghetti Mission Lunch in the Fellowship Hall. Your donations will be used to help finish our fundraising and allow us to be a blessing to the folks at Campos de Suenos!

A share service is planned for Sunday evening, March 24. We can’t wait to share all that the Lord has done in Guatemala!