Kingdom Commitment

By Zack Hudson

Recently, I attended the Renewing the Church Summit put on by the North American Mission Board and their SEND Oklahoma Network. The SEND Network is the largest church planting network in North America. Their commitment to planting churches has seen a significant impact on the Kingdom. Since 2010, they have planted over 10,000 churches, and they are reporting that 18% of all SBC baptisms are from SEND Network church plants.

I know you might ask why this is important for South Tulsa Baptist Church. A couple of reasons come to mind. First, our church gives to the Cooperative Program that goes to support the North American Mission Board, which helps to provide for those who are planting churches with the SEND Network. Our church gives a lot toward church planting, and many of us may not realize it!

Second, I’d like to see our church get more involved in the role of being a church that not only supports but sends church planters. I am working with our Oklahoma SEND Network partners to learn how South Tulsa can be more involved with church planters and churches that need revitalization. As our church becomes more engaged in supporting church planters, it also helps to renew our church and its passion for the gospel and sharing the Good News with the lost in our community. Tim Keller writes, “Vigorous church planting is one of the best ways to renew the existing church.”

One last takeaway from this summit I’d like to share is that I was challenged as a church leader to help people “love Jesus more and themselves less.” In 1 Corinthians 9:19-23, Paul writes that he sees the importance of doing whatever it takes for the sake of the gospel. I believe the Lord is opening new avenues through church planting and revitalization so we can continue “Sharing the Good News about Jesus in our community and around the world.”