Thank You James and Debbie Nance

By Eric Costanzo

Over one year ago, James and Debbie Nance began their official service as our interim minister and associate minister of music. We knew that a tall task lay ahead to lead and help coordinate our extensive music ministry for all ages. James and Debbie graciously made themselves available and worked alongside our staff with great joy.

During these last several months, both James and Debbie have demonstrated a tremendous work ethic and exemplary commitment to the work the Lord has called them to do. Though the task was indeed significant, they rose to the occasion and served in such a way that our music ministry has not simply maintained its momentum but has thrived.

This morning as we prepare to transition into a different (prayerfully brief) season of our interim time, we want to thank the Nance’s for the many ways they have led and served faithfully. For more than a year they have used their gifts and experience to lead our choir and orchestra, ensembles, music groups of all ages, and several significant music programs. They have also ministered to and encouraged many individuals and families both within and outside our church.

James and Debbie have been a blessing to our church in their roles during this interim time, and our church family has also been a blessing to them. We are thankful they will continue to be part of our church family and music ministry in the future. Please join me today in celebrating James and Debbie Nance and the gift their service has been to our church these last thirteen months!




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