Something New in the Kids Ministry

By Rebecca Johnston

It is not often I get to update the whole church on new things in the Kids Ministry, so I would love to tell you about something exciting that is happening. This year we have kicked-off a Preteen Ministry for our 5th and 6th graders! It is still part of the Kids Ministry, but we are excited about where the Lord will lead. First, the back story: I have noticed these grades are getting harder for our kids because they are being forced to grow up faster and encounter things at a younger age. Because of this, they feel ready for the Student group, but really they are just kids. So, I saw the need to meet them where they are to serve them well, disciple them to be ready for the Student Ministry, and support their parents in this stage.

Awhile back I also read a book about Preteen Ministry called Let Go and Run Beside. It uses the analogy of riding a bike and to put it simply it describes how when you are teaching a kid to ride a bike, there comes a point when the training wheels come off and you have to let go of holding on and allow them to do it for themselves. You still run alongside to support, but you let them ride on their own. Similarly, when kids reach the preteen age, especially if they have grown up in the church, they likely have a strong foundation of biblical knowledge. So, 5th and 6th grade is when we need to encourage them to put things to the test and truly take ownership of their faith. We want them to feel safe to ask hard questions and we want to encourage them to apply their faith and become Christ followers that serve His Kingdom both inside and outside of the church.

We are excited for how this ministry will develop and want to invite you along as well! We covet your prayers for these kids and this ministry, and if you have any interest in helping pour into them, we would welcome you to serve alongside us. No matter what, please pray that every step we take will be guided by the Lord!




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