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Who We Are

Sharing the Good News about Jesus in our community and around the world.

At South Tulsa Baptist Church, our mission is “Sharing the Good News about Jesus in our community and around the world.” Every word in this statement is intentional and essential in describing what it means for us to be the community of faith God has called us to be.

Sharing the Good News
Good News is capitalized on purpose. The word we translate as “gospel,” is the Greek word euangelion, which literally means “Good News.” For decades before the New Testament, this word was used to describe the arrival of a messenger who brought a favorable report or glad tidings. A messenger who brought euangelion brought good news. It is from the word euangelion that we get our word evangelism.

About Jesus 
The Good News we share is not about us. The Good News is about Jesus. In our culture, it can no longer simply be assumed that a church proclaims the name of Jesus with boldness. We proclaim Jesus as the Good News to all who will believe. Jesus Himself adopted the word euangelion to describe the Hope that comes from His message, ministry, and sacrifice for us.

In Our Community 
At the beginning of the book of Acts (Acts 1:8), Jesus told His followers they would be messengers of the Good News starting in their own hometown of Jerusalem. Their mission was to start with their own neighbors. We are called to share the Good News about Jesus in our community, which means our homes, neighborhoods, schools, workplace, extracurricular activities, and everywhere we go as His messengers.

And Around the World 
As Jesus continued speaking in Acts 1:8, He told His followers they would also be His messengers in the larger region, nation, and then to “the ends of the earth.” Soon after, the Apostles and other leaders of the Early Church also began using the word euangelion as they took the Good News about Jesus to every corner of the known world.

Our mission as followers of Jesus in South Tulsa is to boldly proclaim the name of Jesus together. It is my privilege to be your pastor as we share in our commitment to “Sharing the Good News about Jesus in our community and around the world.”

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