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Staff’s Perspective

‘Tis the Season    

Alice Bones

This time of the year it is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of the season. During Thanksgiving we are reminded to be thankful for our blessings, and we tend to dwell on the “biggies”: family, friends, home, job, etc. Then Christmas season brings on the stress of finding the perfect gift for our loved ones, and perhaps, secretly wishing for the perfect gift for ourselves. But let’s not forget all the little “gifts” we take for granted: a comfortable bed, a blanket to keep us warm, a pillow to make us more comfortable, dinner, breakfast, a shower, a warm coat, enough money to keep the electricity and/or water on. For too many people in our community, many of these little gifts are scarce or completely beyond reach. At this time of the year, as well as all throughout the year, let’s not forget those in need.

At The Ministry Center we strive to help those needing a hand-up, while trying to preserve their dignity. The hope and good news of Jesus Christ is shared with all clients that come for assistance. But times are physically tough for many of our clients and your help is needed in order for us to continue to provide services. Desperately needed items include:

• Peanut butter (15 to 20 oz jars)
• Canned protein beans (ie., pinto, black, navy, refried)
• Canned meat (ie., tuna, chicken, Vienna sausages)
• Canned vegetables
• Blankets
• Coats and gloves, especially for children
• Children’s clothing, especially jeans
• Plus size clothing (men and women)
• Underwear and socks (all sizes)

Remember, God chose to send His only Son to be born into a poor family and to grow up and become a homeless, itinerant teacher . . .and the Savior of the world. All through the Bible, God demonstrates His love for the poor and downtrodden, and as Christ followers, we are called to help those in need. What better time than now?

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