Spring Gardening

Alice Bones

I am a fair-weather lover of digging in the dirt. Not sure I would classify myself as a gardener by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love to dig and plant when Spring starts showing up and the weather is nice. While working in my yard, I just marvel at the beauty that God created and am in grateful awe that He has given me a little piece of His creation that I can work.

In the spring I am always anxious to plant my flower bed, my veggie garden, and add a new shrub or two in strategic spots. I will spend hours walking up and down the aisles of greenhouses trying to decide on what to plant this year. BUT, here’s my confession: I am really bad about preparing the soil and getting my yard ready for the new plants. Raking and weeding and tilling seem like such drudge work . . . I just want to get to the beautiful work of planting!

However, my lack of discipline at preparing my garden always reminds me of Jesus’ parable of the sower found in Matthew 13. In the parable, some of the sower’s seeds fell along the path and the birds ate them. Others fell on rocky ground where there wasn’t much soil. They sprang up quickly, but soon withered under the sun because they had no root due to the lack of soil depth. Some seeds landed among the thorns and were choked out. But, finally, some of the seeds fell on good, fertile soil and produced an abundant crop.

Oh God, how good You are at reminding me that I need to prepare my “soil.” I need to be a disciplined gardener with my life. If I want to be able to produce an abundant crop for my Lord, I need to be reading and studying His Word, praying and being in constant fellowship with Him, seeking wise and Godly counsel, and participating in worship and fellowship with like-minded believers. I need to seek His guidance in where He wants me planted and where He wants me to serve.

How does your “garden” grow?

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