Let Us Remember

Zack Hudson

I was reading about Labor Day and how it grew out of unrest in the late 1800s after many workers in the United States were working 12-hour days AND seven days a week just to get by! Children as young as five years old were also employed and working in unsafe conditions. These conditions led many to go on strike and demand a change in their conditions, pay and hours allowed to work.

Many of us enjoy Labor Day weekend with an extra day off and as a reminder that the summer season is coming to an end. We enjoy the benefits and often don’t think of the cost. I believe that this can be true in many areas of our own lives. What are some ways you enjoy the benefits without remembering the cost?

Israel forgot. We read in Psalm 106:13, “They soon forgot his works and would not wait for his counsel. They were seized with craving in the wilderness and tested God in the desert.” God wanted them to remember. He made a covenant with them and part of that covenant was remembering that if they were close to Him, they would be blessed and cursed if they walked away. There is a balance of remembering and moving forward. They go together.

I made a commitment to follow Christ and was baptized when I was eight years old. Who I am today and where I go tomorrow are tied to that decision I made long ago. I like reading in the Bible about the people who remembered. Hebrews 11 mentions several of these men and women who lived by faith. They made mistakes and weren’t perfect, but it is said of them that they “died in faith” (vs. 13). I want to be like the people mentioned here.

I pray that we can remember our God who is with us and allow Him to shape us as we move forward together.

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