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Intl Missions

International Mission Strategy from Our Pastor


Our spring Guatemala mission trip is for families and is over spring break – Saturday, March 14 to Saturday, March 21. Please contact Wes Webb if you desire to be a part of the Guatemala Mission team or want more information.

Since 2010, South Tulsa Baptist church has been actively ministering in Guatemala, and primarily in the farming community of Santa Maria de Jesus. The malnutrition, illiteracy and poverty rates in Santa Maria de Jesus are among the highest in all of Guatemala. A farm laborer makes approximately $3.75 for a 10-12 hour day, and finds it extremely difficult to provide nutritious food for his family, much less to pay for all of the tuition, fees, books, school supplies and required school uniforms needed to send his children to school. The children grow up with little or no education, and the poverty cycle continues from generation to generation.

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One of our newest international mission opportunities is in Venezuela. Our Lord has provided opportunities for us to contribute medicines, food, and supplies to the people of Venezuela. Under the leadership of G. Shepherd & Company and our Missions Committee, we are making a difference in Venezuela. In addition, Baptist Global Response is assisting our efforts. Contact Alan Carlton to find out more information and how you can help.

East Asia
Mission trips to East Asia directly support our missionaries J and S. The team ministers in several ways like: conducting VBS for American kids in their city, traveling into the mountains to meet and pray for a particular people group who has their own language and customs that involve idol worship. Each trip involves tremendous spiritual warfare, so your prayers for this ministry is greatly needed. Please contact Karen Pirtle, karen@stbc.net for more information.

Belize - Central America
Each year our Student Ministry leads a mission trip to Belize over Spring Break. It is an incredible and life-changing trip for all who participate. This year they performed a drama and held Vacation Bible School for the elementary aged kids at Bella Vista. Belize is a great place for our students to be introduced to International Missions. A PASSPORT is required. Spots are limited, please contact Karen with questions. 

Missionary Associates
Our Missions Committee has set aside individuals as Missionary Associates for short-term mission efforts. Our current Missionary Associates: Annie Thurber with BuildinGUATE in Guatemala and Stephen & Lee Anne Griffin with BuildinGUATE in Guatemala.

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