I Am a Soldier

Patrick Lovelace

I awake from a sleep to face what is before me this day. Only the Lord knows what is to occur. My knowledge and understanding of Him is the only thing that will get me through the battles before me. I do know the commander’s plan and have confidence that it is good and sound. However, I know there will be losses among those who are not as prepared.

The gear that the commander has provided is complete. My helmet, chest protection, web belt with all that is on it around my waist, and good boots. My weapon is powerful and there is no enemy that has one like it. My training has me fit to act and react to all situations.

Still, what if I mess up? The cost could be staggering. I am glad that I do not have all of the responsibility like the commander has for all of the soldiers. It is obvious that those who have been in battle longer are taking on more responsibility to lead other soldiers.

What an awesome task it is to lead others into battle against a strong foe. A foe entrenched with many psychological instruments of war, that is cunning and deceitful. He will attack at your most vulnerable points. His study and knowledge of you is extraordinary. His battle plans change as fast as he does. To pin him down and overcome him is hard. You think you have won, at times, but he just keeps coming at you from different approaches. When will it end? I know the commander says the enemy will be defeated, but this daily confrontation is sometimes very wearing on me.

All in all, I am as prepared as I can be for action. Before I go though, I need to spend time talking to my Heavenly Father. His direction and guidance enable me in my daily activities, both in battle or simply in life. After we talk, I’m better prepared to face my duty and task each day.

Thank you, Lord, for providing and directing me to do Your will. It is only because of You that I can face Satan and his wiles. It is Your fight. Thank You for allowing me to be part of it. I do know we are winning and will win the war. Your Word and plans are clear. Now I can go into the workplace and be a living testimony for You.

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