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Get the App!

Our STBC Apps provide us:

  • Biblical Messages applicable to daily life
  • Recordings of our Ezra Project, where our church family read thru all the books of the Bible in 6 days
  • Daily Bible Reading for the whole family
  • Weekly Scripture verses for memorization through songs, games, & recordings
  • Biblical based Devotionals for the workplace and home
  • Bible Study information for Adults, Students and Kids
  • Newsletters and blogs for all ages
  • Activities for all family members
  • Information for Newcomers

Check out our STBC Apps in the Google App Store or the Apple App Store by clicking on the appropriate button below-

If you have an Apple TV, go to the Apple TV App Store and download our South Tulsa App - it makes it super easy to watch our services online and recorded. And access our 24/7 section of the App.

And if you have a Roku box, go to the Channel store and select South Tulsa


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