Eye of the Storm

Kara Lee

2020 is close to becoming a record-breaking hurricane season, with 25 named storms to date. As  I write this, the latest storm, Delta, will soon make landfall as a category 3 or 4, in a city where I have family hunkered down in a shelter. I have been fervently praying for safety and peace, for my family members and all of those affected.

This year has been about much more than hurricanes, however. Metaphorically, one might see the year 2020 as a different type of storm, one that continues to pummel our nation and world. We watch as social unrest, violence, anger and hate are seemingly everywhere we turn, tearing apart a way of life that we hold dear.

We all know that in an actual hurricane, there exists the center known as “eye of the storm.” The dictionary defines the “eye” as an area of relative calm within a tropical system, surrounded by sometimes devastating winds and rains. Those who have experienced the “eye” have described light winds, clear skies and sunshine; a place of tranquility.

Is there such an “eye,” a place of tranquility, for us in our world today?

One of the most well-known scripture passages assures us that there is. The 23rd Psalm describes the peace and tranquility that is found as we walk with God. We are told that because of His presence with us, we can experience comfort in the face of evil, blessings in spite of the threat of enemies, plenty instead of need, and peace in the midst of turmoil.

The lyrics of this Christian song say it best:

“In the eye of the storm
You remain in control
And in the middle of the war
You guard my soul
You alone are the anchor
When my sails are torn
Your love surrounds me
In the eye of the storm”

As the storm rages around us in these days of 2020, remember to walk with God and experience the “eye of the storm” – the peace and comfort that can only be found in His presence.

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