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ELP Tuition

ELP Tuition

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ENROLLMENT – New student wait list begins each year on January 1 with scheduled appointment times for program tours beginning in early January. Returning student enrollment period is mid-January to end of month. New student enrollment begins on February 1, after completion of facility tour.

TUITION – Envelopes are issued at open house with payments through August 1 recorded. Tuition envelopes are then passed out on the last day of each month through your child’s class. Please return the envelope with payment to the tuition basket that is located on the tables next to the office. Tuition may also be paid online at

Tuition is always paid one month in advance. August tuition and yearly supply fee are due at the time of registration, September is due the first of May, October is due the first of September, November is due the first of October, etc.

LATE TUITION – Payment is due the first week of the month and is considered late after the 10th of the month. A late fee of $25/week/child will apply to all tuition payments received after the 10th. Tuition plus late charge not paid by the first of the following month will result in interruption of the child’s attendance at preschool. Please respect this policy. Unusual circumstances must be cleared by director of program.

RATES – 2 DAYS: $195 (1A-1C); $190 (2A-2C); $185 (3A-PreKA); ALL 3 DAY CLASSES: $265 (1A-PreK5); KINDERGARTEN: $300. Not included in the payments are any vacation days such as Christmas Break and Spring Break. The total amount is divided into 9.5 monthly payments. THERE IS NO DEDUCTION IN TUITION FOR ABSENCES. TWO WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE REQUIRED FOR WITHDRAWAL/REFUND OF TUITION.

DISCOUNTS – A discount is offered to any child whose tuition is paid-in-full for the entire year by September 10, of the current school year. Please check with ELP for information regarding tuition discounts. A 10% discount will be given to the third child of a family if all three or more are enrolled.

SUPPLY FEE – A yearly supply fee will be charged per child and is payable with August tuition at enrollment. $40 (2-days); $60 (3-days); $75 (PreKB, PreK5) $100 (Kdgn).


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