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Chaplain Ministry

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• Communicate a caring posture from management to employees
• Enhance company image with employees
• Help employees improve productivity and minimize downtime which increases profitability
• Ease pain, grief or stress when addressed
• Provide a CONFIDENTIAL outlet of communication for employees
• Assist employees in staying focused on their responsibilities
• Improve morale in the workplace


On a daily basis, there are many employee situations that are beyond your control – addiction issues, financial problems, marital issues, death of a loved one, problems with children, suicide, and the list goes on and on.

In many cases, the manner in which these issues are handled determines how quickly an employee rebounds and refocuses his or her effort, which directly affects their work and the work of those around them.


Life can often be intense and very stressful. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, it can be all too easy to push difficult personal and professional issues aside as we run through our daily routine – in fact, these are the very issues that need to be addressed.

Many individuals are not comfortable talking with their employer or co-workers about issues that may directly or indirectly impact their performance on the job. The concern is that it might send the wrong signal. With a coach/advisor proactively building relationships, you have a friend with practical life experience with whom you can talk . . . really talk, with total confidentiality.


Our Chaplain services include:
• Assistance 24/7/365
• Regular contact and a listening ear with employees that fits your schedule
• Guidance for employees with health, financial, personal or family problems
• Referral services for counseling and other professional services
• Assistance with hospital stays and funerals for employees and their family members
• Monthly character trait email, if desired

Our Care101 Flyer

Many of our Care101 chaplains recently completed the K-LOVE Chaplaincy Training held August 22-25, 2018. The training was led by Dr. Naomi Paget, the world premier chaplain whose presence is requested at all major disasters around the world. This event was hosted at South Tulsa Baptist Church by the BGCO and sponsored by K-LOVE.



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