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About Us

Activity Teaching

At South Tulsa we teach preschoolers about God through activities. Activity teaching is very different from play. When playing, children choose and use materials without the active involvement of an adult, parent, or teacher. Play has no intrinsic goal, but is done for the sheer joy of playing and learning. Activity teaching occurs when a person uses play to achieve a spiritual purpose. It must be planned with a specific goal in mind. Activities also require the ACTIVE involvement and guidance of a teacher. The activities listed are set up in centers in the classroom and preschoolers work (play) in the center of their choice.

Art – a child enjoys freedom to experiment with materials and to express his own ideas; has opportunity to think for himself, has outlets for emotional tensions and frustrations; enjoys manipulation (squeezing, pounding, rolling, pushing, pulling); likes color and experiments with it.

Bible – a child learns that the Bible is a special book; enjoys looking at pictures; learns by association- teams stories about Jesus and God; enjoys playing games using the Bible; communicates feelings by attitude, tone of voice, and proper handling; tells a short story about the pictures.

Blocks – a child’s creativity is encouraged as he chooses what to build; large and small muscles are strengthened and developed; preschoolers hear Bible conversation, verses, and songs, and role play daily live events.

Books – a child may enjoy handling and looking at them; gets new ideas and develops interest in other things; learns to listen to stories; increases his attention span; increases his vocabulary; learns to care for books.

Homeliving – a child plays out home experiences; develops muscular coordination (ironing, rocking); has opportunity to play alone; has opportunities to “help” cook, set table, dust, sweep; wash dishes, bathe and rock the “baby”; may have worship opportunities (thank you at mealtime and other times); may begin to cooperate with others; reveals thoughts and attitudes through conversation.

Music and Movement – preschoolers practice following directions and exercise fine and gross motor skills. Opportunities to reinforce biblical concepts about God, Jesus, church, Bible, self, others, family, and the natural world occur.

Nature and Science – preschoolers are allowed to explore, question, experiment, and discover truths. They develop eye-hand coordination. Opportunities for worship occur as preschoolers experience the awe and wonder of God’s world.

Puzzles and Manipulatives – a child enjoys a sense of achievement; learns to think and reason; learns to solve problems, learns to work independently; has opportunities for choices; may enjoy conversation; associates pictures in the puzzle with his own experiences; develops coordination.


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